Lysios Public Affairs

Lysios Public Affairs offers advice and guidance to its clients, helping them improve their interactions with their political, legislative, regulatory and socio-economic environment and develop their activities.

  • Jean-Luc


    Founder and President of Lysios

    Jean-Luc Archambault graduated from the prestigious Corps des Mines.  He was in charge of Industry and Environment policies at the French General Secretary for European Affairs. He then worked for the Ministry of Industry and was in charge of the electronic and digital sector.

    Areas of expertise: European policies and programmes, digital economy, competition, environment, industry, broadcasting and media, telecoms

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  • Pierre


    Associate Director

    Pierre Bouchacourt worked in Parliament for several years, in particular as Parliamentary Assistant to Dominique Strauss Kahn, MP and former Economy and Finance Minister. He was also a member of Dominique Strauss Kahn’s campaign staff during the Socialist Party’s presidential primaries in 2006.

    Areas of expertise: parliament and regional/local authorities, zoning laws, housing, trade and distribution issues, security issues, health industry, social economy

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  • Jean-Philippe


    Associate Director

    Jean-Philippe Daniel worked as a political advisor for several local governments, two Government Ministries and the French National Assembly before becoming a consultant in public affairs.

    Areas of expertise: transport, manufacturing industry, tourism, cultural industries, politics and parliamentary issues, international affairs

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  • Alban


    Associate Director

    Alban de Louvencourt began his career as Business Development Manager for a software publisher on the Internet (Critical Path). He was then General Representative for the business lobbying association ETHIC and joined Lysios in 2005.

    Areas of expertise: digital economy, entrepreneurship, energies, financial services, politics and parliamentary issues, broadcasting and media

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  • François


    Associate Director

    François Pérès has worked for several employers’ organisations (Agri-Food Industries Federation –ANIA- and the High Council of French Notaries –CSN). He created the “public affairs” pole of the communication consulting agency i&e.

    Areas of expertise: digital economy, financial services, employer’s organisations, politics and parliamentary issues, international affairs, air transport

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  • Jacques


    Associate Director

    Jacques de Tournemire is a former student of ENA. He was an advisor to the Minister of Health and to the Prime Minister on health and social protection issues. After working at the executive board of an international pharmaceutical group, he became an advisor on issues related to health and economics.

    Areas of expertise: Economics and Health

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”Lysios is the one that releases, that solves complex situations”

Lysios Public Affairs has a renowned expertise in dealing with public authorities and taking part in the French and European decision-making processes.

Lysios offers a full range of services to its clients, in Paris as well as in Brussels, defining and meeting their needs in the following areas of expertise: political, legislative and regulatory monitoring; strategy consulting in public affairs; lobbying; business development and funding; training and coaching.

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Areas of focus

Since the beginning, Lysios Public Affairs has been working with major French and foreign firms, business organisations, associations and foundations, mostly from the following areas of expertise:

  • Telecommunications
  • New technologies
  • Broadcasting and media
  • Cultural industries
  • Energies and environment
  • Health industries and biotechnologies
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Financial services
  • Trade and distribution
  • Tourism
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publi cations

With its proven expertise in public institutions and as a privileged observer of the French and European political life, Lysios regularly publishes articles and analyses.

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Professional ethics

Lysios Public Affairs’s work is based on transparency according to a strict Code of Conduct.

Since 2009, Lysios Public Affairs has been a member of the Association Française des Conseils en Lobbying et Affaires Publiques (AFCL) – a major Public affairs and Lobbying Association in France – and therefore a signatory to its Code of Conduct. Lysios Public Affairs is also registered at the lobby registers for both the Senate and the National Assembly. In Brussels, Lysios is registered at the European Transparency Register. Since 2011, Lysios has also been a member of the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association (EPACA) and a signatory to its Code of Conduct.